Presbyterian Youth Victoria

Presbyterian Youth Victoria (PYV) is the youth organisation of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria (PCV).

PYV aims to glorify God by assisting the congregations of the PCV in the development and nurture of youth for the service of Christ Jesus.

PYV does this through the running of camps and events where youth from around Victoria come for fellowship with one another and to hear the Gospel preached.

PYV also provides leadership training for local church youth ministries.

Heathmont Inter-Church Help

Heathmont Inter-Church Help (HICH)  is a partnership of four Christian church denominations (Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian and Uniting) in Heathmont who decided in 1992 to amalgamate their welfare and related fundraising activities, including their Op Shops in order better to serve needy people in the local and adjoining communities.

We are part of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria

As part of the redeemed people of God, having been brought out of darkness into God's light
through faith in Jesus Christ, the Presbyterian Church Victoria (PCV) seeks to glorify and enjoy God – as Father, Son and Holy Spirit – serving, loving and obeying him, in the light of his revealed Word, the Bible.

The Presbyterian Church of Victoria holds the Bible to be the inspired and inerrant revelation of God, a book fully trustworthy to guide the Church in all matters of faith and practice. Embracing this particular view of inspiration of Scripture means that our work and witness has distinctive guiding values, these being expressed in what is known as: