Meet The Minister

Hi, my name is Dean Carroll and I’m the current minister here at Heathmont. I grew up in a Christian home but did not come to faith until I was 18. Challenged with the idea that I could definitely know if I was a Christian led me to properly understand what it meant that 'Jesus died for my sin' and to ask God for the forgiveness that he freely offers.

Early on in my Christian life I came to realise I should be in ministry in some form. During my 10 years as a Registered Nurse this conviction was clarified and confirmed which led to training at the Presbyterian Theological College as a Candidate for the Ministry. I graduated in 2007 and served for 5 years at Woori Yallock before being called to serve here at Heathmont.

I’m keen to see people come to faith in Jesus and for Christians to grow in their faith, and I hope to see much of that happen while I am here.

I have been happily married to Sandy since January 1995, and it is a joy to have her full support and active participation in the life and witness of this congregation. Please come and join us on Sunday mornings to find out more about Jesus and faith in him.

Phone: 0408 104 372



Mission Statement

We exist and are called to glorify God in Heathmont and around the world through biblical worship, faithful service and in loving witness of Christ Jesus to all people.

What we believe

We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Australia and as such, we believe that the Bible, the books of the Old and New Testaments, are the words of God and our guide for faith and life.
We also believe that the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF) is a most useful document that helps us to understand the teaching of the Bible and is a statement of the faith that we share.
We believe in God as Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). We are also reformed, evangelical and evangelistic, wanting to see multitudes come to saving faith in Jesus before he returns to take his people home at some point in the future.